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Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Dr. med.Gunthard Weber, Founder of the Wiesloch Institute for Systemic Solutions and the IAG ( International Society for Systemic Solutions). Author and editor of many books among others "Zweierlei Glück", "The Paxis of Family Constellations",managing director of the publisher house Carl-Auer, Heidelberg.

Schlosshof 6, 69168 Wiesloch, phone: 0049-6222-92890 Email:


workshop 2 hours

What to do, in case reconciliation or Commitment are not possible
Like psychoanalysts, family therapists, consultants, so also therapists and consultants working with systemic constellations are confronted again and again in their work with escalating constellations in relationships which are tight and long lasting conflict situations. These situations can occur in the context of joint custody for a child, in probate proceedings, conflicts between neighbours, in acts of revenge, generation overlappng family quarrels, figths about positions in companies, competitions for various kind and so on. It also can be about deep hurts or about who knows best and is right and who can impose the own will against others. A compromise sometimes seems not possible, and so no cooperation or decline. Consultants get involved in this kind of relation pattern again and again. These situation often can be described as " Iam ... You are".
In the workshop we are going to see possible solutions for this kind of fights, quarrells or conflicts. We want to demonstarte it by using examples of constellations from the participants and demonstrate with it them different areas of conflict.


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