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Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Wolf Schneider, study of natural science and philosophy. 1976 buddistic monk in Thailand. Long extendet travells in Asia and Europe.
Since 1985 publisher of the magazine "connection-spirit". In 2005 he founded the "School in Communication". Author, editor and communication trainer.

Hauptstrasse 5, 84494 Niedertaufkirchen, Email:,


Vortrag 50 min.

Profiling - From No-Name-Product to Personality. The art of branding in spirituality and econocmy
The cosmos shows many similarities. We see constructions in nature which are repeated in technology. Just as, there are similarities between the development of a spiritual personality and leading trademarks in economy. Pedagogy
and marketing meet each other in a most stunning way, and even the religious theory of the transpersonal shows illustrative parallels: It is the development of the No-Name-Product to trademarks, which corresponds in msyticism and pedagogic with the development from "Nobody" to "Somebody".
Young people who are about to grow up, have the need to show themselves as special, as somebody who can be recognized again with what is her very own. First they do not know what their speciality might be, they have to first discover it and then to show themselves with it. This is the process to develope identity or profiling.
The leader in economy try to reach to a very similar development by creating a trademark out of a No-Name-Product.
Being a mystic one reaches to the inner experience to be Nobody and in the same time to be everything - all which exists, all which is alive and all he can " experience". The mystic experience herself to be nature and to be present in any human being he meets. This is the end of hostility,opposition and the fear of death disappears. Since she experience herself being in all Existence, in the deep knowing, there is no separation. In this regard he get lack of a distinct image - being No-One. How can be No-One be Some-One at once?
In this seminar, we try to find a connection between the theory of personality and the experience of transpersonality.


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