Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Alexander Badken, Alexander and Mark are psychotherapists and directors of the "Harmony" Institute for Psychotherapy and Counselling, a Non-Governmental-Organisation, NGO, founded 1988.The institute is a centre of humanistic-oriented psychological support , located in St. Petersburg, Russia. the Harmony Institute is one of the first independent, non-governmental psychological service organisations in Russia.
Since 1994 the Harmony Institute works together with the Olympia Institute (USA), the Common Bond Institute (USA), EMDR Institute (USA). It is sponsored by Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation (USA), Charity Aid Foundation (UK), UNICEF and the American Jewish World Service. HARMONY provides psychological support for victims and survivors
in Chechenya and facilitates trainings for rescue workers and helping professionals of the area
The Harmony Institute organizers since
1993 the Annual International on Conflict Resolution
2004 the Annual International Youth Conference "Ecology of War and Peace"
2006 the Annual International Conference "Engaging the Other"

Harmony Institut,
9, Gastello Street,
St. Petersburg,
196066 Russia
phone: 007-812-373-1330


workshop 2 hours, short-lecture, small group experience, discussion

Three Facets of The Other
The process becoming ourselves, distinguishing who we are, has a certain price, this price being the discovery the Other ? those we are not. The Other then becomes a screen for projections, Those who are different could become a screen for denial and idealization. The negative projection creates The Other who is different and to be feared. The positive projection creating an ideal, which may seem "nicer" than denial; but in both cases we project our power into The Other. Those two familiar facets are easy to find in observing how people
come into relationship individually, as group and as nations. It seems to be important to recognize those projections as a process of becoming themselves, on a personal, a group and a nation level. How can we recognize our projections? Is there a path between the hammer and the anvil? What is the role of helping professionals? Those are the questions we want to raise. We also will explore a dialogue process as a path to the third facet where the Self and Other becoming We ? through so called "Existential Aloneness" to a spiritual path of
"All-One-Ness" and practicing it to who we really are.


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