Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Sneh Victoria Schnabel, bachelor of art in art history; 7 years teaching and counselling in school. additional trainings: gestalt, psychodrama, NLP and hypnosis. Others: much traveling, living abroad (India, USA, Hawai'i); meetings with spiritual masters.
current interest; systemic constellations about chaos, love "coyote medicine, "writings" - articles; organizing the 3rd international conference about constellation work and spirituality.

Falkenbergstrasse 18, 79110 Freiburg, phone: 0049-761-24070,


workshop 1 1/2 hours

Fear and Love
Short lecture, half hour talking then continues with the participants contribution to the theme, followed by a constellation work and a ritual, and a constellation with the large group about the workshop title "fear and love"
To open the space for experiencing the meeting with the stranger inside and outside of us with an attitude of interest, recognition and appreciation, we must first of all accept that fears are part of who we are and how we function as human beings. Through them we become enemies, we fight, we start wars. It is our fear that stand in the way of percieving the other as equal and precious in being different.
The other side f fear is love. As humans we move between these two polar opposites which belong to us;fear as the challenge that can make us grow;love as fulifllment of our highest aim. When fear wins we move towards unrest and war: we identify with the looser, the victims or those who feel treated unjust or with the perpetrator.
To be able to move towards love, we need to get to know our deepest fears. In this sense we have to realize what we feel to drawn to" fight", instead of accepting fully such fears. When we feel ready to walk such a path, then we are able to transform our non-acceptance into understanding of the other, the stranger. with this understanding, we walk a path of love which includes, does nothing exclude, neither ourselves nor the others.


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