Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Alfred R. Austermann, Alfred R. Austermann: psychologist (MA), “Heilpraktiker” (state certified health practicioner) body-psychotherapist for 20 years, for 10 years mainly systemic constellations. He works with shamanic and ethnotherapeutic methods such as sweatlodge and cave retreat. Trained in Fred Gallo’s energetic psychotherapy, trainer for family constellation and trauma therapy in Berlin, Brussels and Budapest

Ifosys-Institut, Königstuhlweg 23, 12107 Berlin, phone: 0049-(0)30-698180 Email.


workshop 3 hours

Understanding Neo-Nazi?
Experiencing by role play and systemic constellations we show how it can happen that one becomes a neonazi. Interconnected between ancient collective forces and reinforced by high unemployment, comradeship and the urge to stay loyal to group conformities one can loose the compassionate, human regard towards the other, who has a different heritage or a different colour of the skin. We show ways to regain the common, human regard to the other by giving a place in our consciousness to the collectively denied wounds of our occidental culture. By acknowledging the own collective wounds the eternal circle of victim and victimizer can be stopped.

Belonging and comradeship are values often lost nowadays. Many people are hungry for these values. The politicians’ crazy urge to save money led to a heavy cut of the financial supplies for kindergardens and social work with youths. In the Berlin vicinity for example, an area of extremely high unemployment a very unpleasant result of this policy becomes visible:
Often the only existing social work with youths that transmits values such as belonging and comradeship is carried out by organizations settled in the radical right spectrum. In the long sight the consequences of this policy are terrible and dangerous for democracy. People with a different colour of the skin or Turkish- Arabic looking youths should for their own safety not go hiking or canoeing in the Berlin vicinity, unless they are accompanied by many German friends. This is a sad reality observed by myself.

To get a deeper understanding and to finding solutions it is yet not sufficient to look at the political lacks. Besides comradeship and identity-giving group there are other forces that drive the neonazis. Where does all this hatred of all foreign come from? Which parts have we collectively denied which are reflected by the neonazis ?

The Romans came and occupied large areas. Other tribes and cultures were turned down whilst much blood was spilled. They brought their gods, their slaves and their architecture. By the advantage of having a written culture the Romans succeeded in declaring that which has been there before the occupation as being Babarians, unsophisticated and of less value. We believe collectively, that the Romans brought us the great benediction of their and the Greek culture. Were the cultures that had been there before less valuable and a lesser benediction? That we do not know because the only perspective we have is that of the Roman historical scriptures. Something was devalued, made smaller, excluded. Collectively we believe that “real” culture started only with the Romans. But the astrological Disc of Nebra (around 3600 BC) and the “Venus of Millendorf” (around 25.000 BC) are older witnesses of highly developed cultures in our area.
The next wave of collective denial and distortion is the christianisation. Missionaries who killed in order to spread Christianity such as Boniface are later being honoured as saints. The nearly forgotten nickname of Charlemagne was “killer of Saxons” because he beheaded thousands of Saxons who were not willing to become Christians. Also here something was excluded namely the pre-Christian gods.

We know from family constellations that everything that has been excluded shows up in the descendants in an often unhappy and destructive manner until it is looked at and integrated. Here we have a key for understanding and integrating of the neonazis. We would like to share these experiences with systemic constellations, role play and ritual.


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