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Zita Cox, Following 20 years experience as a psychotherapist, Zita Cox MSc trained in Systemic Constellations with Dr Albrecht Mahr, and has applied constellations to environmental issues, in Britain, California and New Zealand.
‘A Different Kind of Field Trip’ (‘The Knowing Field’ January 2007) describes how empathy enables unexpected insights and shifts.

Curtis Mill, lower Kilcott, Hillesley, Gloucestershire, Great Britain, phone: 0044-(0)1454 238 312 Email:


workhsop 3 hours

Environmental Constellations and Climate Change - an Eco-Psychology workshop
Our human identity has become alienated from the natural world. Over thousands of years most dominant cultures have come to see human beings as separate from nature, and other species, and the earth itself as a resource. Whether as a source of energy for our physical needs or a place of nourishment for our spirit, it is seen as being there for our benefit alone.
Environmental Constellations allow us to re-enter the natural world and stand in the place of the other, allowing us to find our systemic place within the natural world, and open our hearts and minds to the collective wisdom of the earth community.
“ All things share the same breath - the beast, the tree, the man ... the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.” Chief Seattle, leader of the Suquamish and Duwamish Native American tribes (1786 - 1866).
“For my part I feel Darwin’s is a glorious vision. I love the notion that we are literally related to all other creatures - that apes are our sisters, and mushrooms are our cousins, and oak trees and monkey puzzles are our distant aunts. Conservation, on such a view, becomes a family affair.”
Colin Tudge (2005), ‘The Secret Life of Trees’.

Environmental catastrophes surround us: desertification, flooding, the melting of the polar ice caps, the Amazon Rainforest on the point of collapse and mass species extinction. These catastrophes are increasingly acknowledged as symptomatic of the spiralling effects of climate change - a consequence of the increasing conflict between mankind and the Earth as mankind struggles to meet his needs.

Thinking systemically about these issues is essential to ensure that a solution to one malady does not become the cause of another. The bio-fuels solution to carbon emissions is in danger of increasing the pressure on eco-systems by destroying wildlife and human habitats, causing species extinction and taking land away from food production. Therefore an intended solution may become an aggravator of climate change and a source of future conflict.

Since 2002 I have been using the constellation method to explore these issues. Constellations offer us an amazingly versatile tool with which to think systemically about environmental issues thus creating ways to explore and change attitudes and to develop new philosophical, political and spiritual responses and strategies to current and future dilemmas.

Eco-Psychology work allows us to transform our relationships to other species and to the Earth itself, enabling us to expand our thinking and find unexpected solutions and resolutions to our problems and our conflicts. It introduces empathy and love into the mix of fear and guilt which so often afflicts thinking about environmental problems.

Time and again I have witnessed profound and unexpected solutions, radical yet realistic ideas and new and healing attitudes emerge from constellations used in this way.

This workshop will provide the chance to witness and experience an environmental constellation


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