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Prof. Dr.Arno Grün, Prof. Grün lives and works in his own praxis in Swiss since 1979. 1923 he was born in Berlin as son of jewish parents, who emigrated to the US in 1936. He did his phD with Theodor Reik and he taught as professor for psychology at the Rutgers University in New Jersey. In 2001 he recieved the "Geschwister Scholl Award for his book " The Stranger in us" 2002 his book " The struggle for Democracy" was published, which is started to write in May 2001. While writing this book, September 11, 2001 occured, which has a big influcence on his writings.The book deals with the sources of the human destructiveness and its many distinctness. Other books are" The Loss of Compassion - about Apathy in Politics" and others.

Rütlistrasse 4, CH-8032 Zürich, Schweiz, phone: 0041-(0)44 262 3980


lecture and 1 1/2 hour workshop

Childhood and the Loss of Reality: The Chance for Democracy
The early childhood seen under the perception of an authoritarian and obediently demanding education, will reduce the consciousness of the child to pose of the parents and not on their true addtitude, as the only reality. The child identifies with the parents as the aggressor, it takes on an identification which is not the own one and therefore is lead by wishes, as Proust describes, expecting a relief of the suffering from the one how has caused it. The consequences for the adult are, he cannót determin his political attitude by rationality, but by the need for relief.


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