Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Fabian, Patrick Mayr, Is writing his PhD dissertation on conflict transformation by Political Constellations with the IFPA and at the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace at the University Jaume I, Castellón, Spain.

He is employed at HORIZONT3000, an Austrian organisation for development cooperation, as a lecturer at SAUT University of Tanzania in the fields of peace and development studies as well as mass communication.

Im Goldenen Tal 20, 83629 Weyern, Email: phone: 0049-(0)174 9222008


workshop 1 1/2 hour

From Conflict resoution to conflic transformation through political constellations
In this seminary the Being of conflicts will be analyzed introductorily. We will come to the insight, that there is no resolution for conflicts and that conflicts per se were, are and will always be part of us. This ubiquitous influence of conflicts on our Being is, as we all know, not only negative but also a source of strength and wisdom which can bring a more positive balance into our conflict systems.

Human conflicts are no mathematical equations for which there exist logical and clear cut solutions. We therefore have to approach conflicts in a different manner when researching them. This different manner is an approach towards positively changing conflicts – the basis of conflict transformation – in which the “others” are no longer excluded from one’s own self.

This identity-extension of the “you in me” and the “me in you” is a substantial part of the discipline of conflict transformation, that in this context might also be called identity transformation.

Political Constellations are able to initiate such transformation processes and make them perceivable to research, grasp and change the phenomenon of conflict more deeply. How, is going to be introduced in this seminary.


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