Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Rafi Twizer, Rafi Tvizer is teacher for Jewish philosophy and religion at the high school. He got 2 Master Degress, in Jewish philosophy and education. He was principal at a religious high school. He is rabbi of the youth movement "Bnei Akiva" in Ofakim, member of the Ofakim Cmmunity board of directors, chairman of the Partnership 200 Living Bridges Committee, Ofakim-Merchavim. Delegate of the National Religious Party convention and member of the Ofakim council.


lecture 50 min

Religious Leaders - A Solution for the Middle East Conflict
This contribution deals with a possible solution of the Middle East conflict with task of the religious leaders, since they have a big influence on all parts of the population, starting with the youngest up to the eldest. Religious leaders possess dignitiy and a high developed rhetorical gift and express themselves in the synagog as well as in the mosque.
Their language and speeches is different to what is proclaimed at the market place or at demonstrations. Since they express with their words religious feelings which exist in all humans in the same kind and which are part of all religion and which influence all the life of all people.
In that kind their words have a high meaning like as signpost.
Therefore is the speech of a religious leader radical, does he express his opinion in a radical manner, his audiance will become radical, too. So it can happen that the words of a religious leader may influence the life of the people in a good sense as well it can have the worst impact on them. Both possibilities exists next to each other. This is so, although two leaders were brought up in the same way and shared the environment. There we are confronted with a trap in which we easily can fall.
How can we avoid to step into such a trap - a trap which can start an unbreakable viscious circle?
What has to be done, so that religious leaders use their demagoguism wisley so it leads to the good and does not cause th oposite?


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