Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Dr. Dimitris Stavropoulos, Dr. Dimitris Stavropoulos, Sociol.-Psychol., Systemic Therapist (EFTA), founder of the “Greek Bert Hellinger Institute for Systemic Constellations’. Born in Athens, Greece, 1942. Studies in Applied Sciences and in Sociology-Philosophy-Psychology in Munich, Germany. He has developed the group resonance mode of constellation work and applied it to ancient Greek archetypes revealing their therapeutic potential. We name this approach the “Greek Paradigm”.

Georgoula 14, Athen 11524, Griechenland, phone: 0030-210-68 29327 Email;


workshop 2 hours

The Double Nature of Wounded Identity
Centaur Chiron, half-man and half-horse, is the immortal son of Nymph Philyra and of the transformed-into-horse God Saturn/Cronus. This double nature, an apparently insuperable identity wound, we name the “centauric identity”.

Chiron, a wise healer and educator of heroes, has been incurably wounded by Heracles. As a “wounded therapist that cannot cure his own wound”, he experiences an additional identity trauma. Finally, with the consent of Zeus after Hercules plea (healing via the injurer), Chiron is released from immortality and thus finds peace, dying as a mortal.

After an introduction, we will participate in a group-resonance constellation on the Chiron-Heracles system, extended to encompass personal, professional and national wounded identities. It will be further explored whether Germany, through Nazism and Division, and other nations and people affected by that, have thus reinforced their centauric identity. Can the European perspective subdue it and are there any other therapeutic options ?


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