Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Ingrid Ebeling, psychologist and founder of the Institute for Development Consultancy and Coaching is specialized in facilitating processes of organizational and leadership development in the field of private services, industries and communal institutions. In the last ten years she has been integrating large group interventions in her work. Her institute is organizing Open Space venues on current socio-economic topics.
Her work is based on systemic concepts that are focusing the dynamic of polarity in systems as the central momentum of evolution and transformation. Holistic concepts of organizations are the fundament of her developmental work.

EBUS Institut für Entwicklungsberatung und Supervision
Am Alten Gehäge 6
D- 30657 Hannover, Germany
Telephone: 0049 511 336 330
Fax: 0049 511 336 347


World Cafe 2 hours

The story of an encounter
The world café creates an atmosphere of dialogue and collective wisdom, it is collective wisdom by its own virtue. Reflecting a situation of critical encounters in their life the participants, in dialogue with others, generate cognitions, find answers to tantalizing questions and ways of healing.
To reflect feelings of alienation in a challenging encounter, to scout out emotional barriers and to be stimulated, in dialogue with others, to overcome them and to find ways of healing.
In changing discussion groups participants reflect encounters they experienced as distressing or discomposing. They get a better understanding of what makes them feel familiar with others or what estranges them.
They explore their emotional barriers and learn, by openly exchanging their experience, to better understand their confusions, and, in a common effort, they try to find ways to overcome and to heal them.
This common effort in networking groups creates collective wisdom and makes participants open for actively participating in the challenging conference agenda.


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