Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Freda Eidmann, is MA Paed., systemic-analytic psychotherapist and supervisor, constellation facilitator/trainer DGfS, Ericksonian hypnotherapist, psycho-onkology/traumatology therapist

ISA, Institut für Integrative Systemaufstellungen, Sedanstr. 73, 30161 Hannover, phone: 0049-511-336-0883, Email:,


workshop 1 1/2 hours

"I am not YOU and know YOU not"
collective wisdom can be "tapped" in many ways. In this workshop You will be introduced to Zwiegespräche ? structured dialogue developed by M.L. Moeller., a dyadic access and its easy way of applying it in private and professional situations: when two people are sharing this moments essential issues in a related way and listening to each other within a structured frame they open the door to the effects of the common unconscious whose wisdom expands far beyond the single person.
What makes living together so difficult often times? We are creating opinions of how and what the other supposedly is ? based on our own experiences that are covering our perceptions like an unconscious veil. Systemic constellation work is one way of recognizing these veils and relating them to their ( family) origin, This process can be completed and deepened by the psychoanalytically based method of "Zwiegespräch" structured dialogue.
It offers the opportunity to explore Your own inner territory in the presence of an other within a safe outer frame
to recognize the others? territory by focusedly listening to her/his spoken and silent messages to appreciate the differences and limitations to support communal experiences and ccoperation based on a common unconscious and collective intelligenceto experience the development of solutions rather than "makin" them

The workshop consists of an introduction to the method of
Zwiegespräch- Structured Dialogue as well reports from utilizing it in couple group work additional to constellations. Essential part of the workshop will be self experience sequences and following exchange.
Warning: Can be harmful to you judgment about: "I am ? You are"!


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