Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Prof. Claus Eurich, Professor at the Institute of Journalism at University of Dortmund,
Main focus: Communication and ethics meditation instructor
Most important publications of the last years:

- Die Kraft der Sehnsucht 1996-1998

- Mythos Mulitmedia 1998

- Die Kraft der Friedfertigkeit 2000

- Spiritualität und Ethik 2003

- Die heilende Kraft des Scheiterns 2006

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Institut für Journalistik, Universität Dortmund, Baroper Str. 279, 44227 Dormund, Email:



"The Path of Mindfulness" Empathic communication as a key for understanding, forgiveness and reconciliation
A major part of all crises among people ? whether private, cultural, religious or intergrovernmental ? is still rooted in a consciousness that is nourished by delimination, obsession with self-interests and the emphasis of being different. Herein, also the exiastential crisis of the environment finds it cause, connected with the anthropocentric view on all animation. Holistic awareness, in contrast, develops in the fields of resonance of the relation between environment, social contemporaries, transcendence and personality. The integration of these four levels leads us beyond the small I to the big SELF. In the Latter we can overcome the culturally and academically dominant individualism and anthropocentrism. Here it becomes clear that all animation is standing in a reciprocal relation and disconnection and division are just originated by the human mind that is limited itself. Also here the human being is setting himself in the for him possible transcendence relation, in the for him possible nearness to God. The integral and dynamical SELF is the prerequisite for the next and necessary step in our ( neuro)biological and cultural evolution, namely to become a conscious part of the created universe.

Basics, conditions and exercise of non-violent and empathetic communication
The central criteria of attentive and conscious interaction with one another will be introduced and discussed. These criteria, which are relevant for intrapersonal and interpersonal as well as intercultural communication and encounter.


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