Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Cheng Lap Fung, 0ne of the pioneers to conduct family and organization constellation in China and Hong Kong. Born in Beijing during the Cultural Revolution

37 D Block One, Jubilee Garden, Shatin Fotan, N.T. Hong Kong,
phone: 00852-61833389, Fax: 00852-35925740; email:


workhsop 3 hours

"We are ..... You are"? Insider - Outsider in Chinese Culture
The workshop includes "simulation games" - to illustrate possible dynamics within and between groups, discussions. presentations and constructed constellation cases to illustrate identity crisis in Hong Kong und China.
One of the charateristics in China culture, perhaps also common to other cultures as well, defining a person as one "of our people" (insider of a group) is an important factor for many social activities. Different values and rules apply to insider and outsider. It's major source of conflict and necessary step to reconciliation. What are the major dynamics in a group?
By making use of simultation games and construced constellation cases we can get great insights to help us in real situation.
We can see, some groups appear more "superior" than others, and perhaps "superior" group members behave as superior when encountering "inferior" groups. Identitfying with superior of inferior group, while interacting with the other group could be a major source of human conflicts that block the real constructive exchange between two groups. Perhaps we all understand this idea but can you feel the effect in your body? I'll especially share my own experience in China and Hong Kong.


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