Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Stephan Hausner, medical practitioner. Since 1988 he is working in homeopathy, physionenergetics, osteopathy. since 1993 his focus is on constellation work using it for topics on illness and on supporting health. Stfanh Hausner works in many different countries offering trainings in constellation, in Europe, North- and South America and in South Africa.

Unterberg 1, 83313 Siegsdorf, phone: 0049-8662-661288, Email:


3 hour workshop

The Meaning of Healing Means Selfhealing
Through giving space to let collective wisdom unfold in family constellations, we pave a path of healing for clients as well as for the participants in the outer circle.
Working with sick people in systemic constellation we see, illness cannot be reduced to a personal phenomenon of the patient only. A healing process can start if we acknowledge, the symptom of the illness is embedded into the larger family field or the group the patient feels he belongs to. It can be experienced, agreement to the situation and the will to balancing it, fosters the healing path, while judgement, valuation and exclusion of important parts,leads to the opposite.
Using the case of person affected by a disease, we experience the healing path which lies in the tool of systemic constellation as well for the patient himself as also for the participants in the outer circle.


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