Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Thomas Hübl, Thomas Hübl is spiritual teacher and offers lectures and workshop in many different countries in the world. In his teachings he motivates the participants to let go the limited imagination of " Me " - a fixed and stubborn identity - in order to experience the unity with with all Being. For such a process Thomas Hübl gives a responsibile example. He is a authentic teacher of people of different cultural background. Further information you may find under:

Sharing the Presence, Thomas Hübl
Hegelgasse 8/22
A-1010 Wien

Phone: Rose Koch, +49 (0)4407-716 094


Toning, Lecture, 3 hour workshop

The Transparent Reality
is a sound which occurs out of a deeper level within oneself.
While practicing toning, we create a meditative space which connects us with our natural inner being and the transcendent level of all being. This is the art of "Collective Wisdom" . Tonings have a healing and integrative effect on our view of the world.
What does human kind need to achieve the next pace of development in evolution? What will happen if all people would "wake up" to a transparent reality?
We all posses a natural capacity of clairvoyantness. We are all the time and always connected with all existence. Within us, we see, we know and we feel each other - independently - regardless how far we are apart from each other.Only our conditionate "Me-Identification" and interpersonal fricitions limit our inner wisdom and inner creativity.
3 hour Workshop
By exploring jointly deeper levels of ourselves, we open up for the present moment, the moment of attentiveness, compassion and love as a precondition to create the conscious field of "One Heart" of " The One Spirit". Intuition is, to establish "The We" in the present moment through synchronisation and transparency of consciousness. We all posses the capacity to "read" information directly out of the "collective conscious field" the so called Matrix and to dive down into the immediate knowledge of our inner source.
We shall have practical examples on that.


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