Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Robert Kenny, MBA (phD cand.) organizational consultant and coach, develops collaborative leadership. A Fetzer Institute Fellow, he teaches graduate courses on collective wisdom at
California Institute of Integral Studies. Formerly a human resources executive at several multinational organizations, he has published numerous articles and a book on these topics.

7292 Maxwelton Rd., Clinton, WA 98236 USA, phone: 001-360-579-3665, Email:


3 hour workshop

Building Collective Wisdom in Your Family, Team, Organization and Community (Beginner)
Beginner process to develop group wisdom/altruism. Latest research.
Learn 13 prinicpals nd two processes for eliciting the wisdom and altruism of the groups
you belong to or consult with. Although the art and science of building collective wisdom involves lifelong practice, you will get a brief, helpful start in this workshop. Although it stands on its own, it provides an introduction to the post-conference, intermediate workshop of the same title.
Our work will be based upon three core principals discovered in my and others? work and research. (1) Judgement of, exclusion of, and aggression against others arises from unconscious beliefs, fear and projection. (2) You can help a group act compassionately and collaboratively only to the degree to which you have developed a loving, compassionate and intimate relationship with yourself ? a process that continually expands your identity to include more and more people and other creatures.(3) If you can help groups establish a loving environment or field, their wisdom, creativity and care for the common good will naturally emerge.
In the beginners? workshop, we will experience the first two principles, drawing upon the work of Pema Chodron ( loving-kindness toward self and others) and Marshall Rosenberg (establishing empathy and understanding through Nonviolent Communication ® )
The presenter will draw upon his experience teaching and facilitating groups, teams and organizations, his research regarding collective wisdom, and a comprehensive survey of relevant theory, research an d practice. We will include time for questions and dialogue.
The benefits of collective wisdom include efficient, high quality problem-solving, strong anf widespread commitment to implementing decisions, collaborative leadership, deep levels
of team intuition and creativity, and care for the common good. Come and learn how to reap these benefits.


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