Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Brigitta Mahr

Mittlerer Dallenbergweg 37a, 97082 Würzburg, phone: 0049-931-7840100


lecture 45 min

"Let me see through your eyes" The Peace Carrier* Training of Friendship Across Borders - FAB - NGO
The Peace Carrier* Training guides young people who live in the Middle East conflict, together with Germans/Europeans through an inner growth process.
This lecture explains the training action. The project shows the necessity to tranform destrcutive and blind collective identity into an open and deep human identity. The inner spiritual potential of collective identity is collecitve wisdom. It is that natrual force of mankind which allows to change violence into peace.
The participants will watch a sequence of the film documentarty of FAB's pilotproject " Let me see through your eyes" - which was filmed at a seminar for teachers from Germany, Israel and the Palestinian Areas.
*What is a Peace Carrier*?
Peace Carriers are keypersons supporting on a grass-rout level the peace-process in the Middle East. In Europe they work for integration of different culutral values and against antiarabism, antisemitsm and xenophobia.
They are trained " TO BECOME THE CHANGE THEY THEMSELVES WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD" as Gandhi once proclaimed. In that sense they are mediators for understanding and peace as well as the aim to make peace possible. They confirm and fulfil the purpose of the organization " Friendship Across Borders-FAB": working non-violently for conflict resolution and creating peace at all levels and in a practical way also under difficult circumstances.
They have changed their perception towards the respective "enemy". Therefore they are abel to "carry" the peace to their own environment. Instead of blaming the others or political, social, historical and cultural circumstances, they are trained to take on responsibility for themselves and the situation they live in and transform violence into peaceful partnerships and reliable relatinships. They help other youth in their own society to question the view on the respective "enemy" and to analyse the parts of the collective identity which lead to violence and war.


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