Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Jakob Schneider, Jakob Robert Schneider, psychcological counselling and group therapie, highschool-teacher, official advisor in chruchly institution of work with students counsellor in chruchly instítutions of counselling couples and families. Since 1985 counselling and group-therapy in free practice, supervisor in different social institutions and clinics, international working as trainer for constellation work, co-found and member in the German Association for Constellations DGfS and IAG,
editor of the German professional magazine"The Praxis of Constellation Work" Author of " The family constellation Work - basic rules" and " Tales and other Stories for the systemic-phenomenological Therapy".



workhsop 3 hours

The perception of th " Bad One" Between Victims and Perpetrators
The work with issues regarding vicitim and perpetrator belongs to the most moving work in the frame of constellations.
Yet, to achieve reconciliation and to find an end with violence and injustice from the past, we have to close the gap between vicitim and perpetrator and between their children generation.
In this workshop we shall explore are certain questions: Is it enough to achieve individual insights in order to resolve dreadful deeds within a family and within the public space? Dose collective reconciliation needs as well the public space?
What view on the "bad" and which kind of process are necessary in constellation work to gain reconciliation? What kind of perception on the "bad" and what kind of view on the "bad" is the precondition to start a process of reconcliation?
Do we need information about the events which the perpetrator and the vicitm were involved in?Who has to be part of the victim-perpetrator constellation?How far to we reach with the personal knowledge and the knowledge of the involved collectiv to improve the reconcilation process?


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