Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Claude AnShin Thomas, Claude AnShin Thomas served in Vietman from 1966-1967 as a helicopter crew chief where he was injured very seriously. Since that time he has been working to heal his wounds from that war:emotionally, mentally and spiritually, using these experiences to help others.
Claude AnShin Thomas ordained as a Zen Buddhist monk in the Japanese Soto Zen Tradition in August 1995. coming to peace wit the devastating effects of war and how to find peaceful means of conflict resolution, Claude AnShin shares his reflections in a number of publications, including his book: "AR HELL'S GATE - A SOLDIER'S JOURNEY FROM TO WAR TO PEACE" ( Shambhala 2004)
He speaks internationally in religious and secular communities about cultures of vilence and how to heal them, leads meditation and mindfullness retreats, visits in schools, prisons and hositals and leads long-distance pilgrmages and street-retreats. For more information, please visit:

PMB 319, 548 Mayr Eshter Cutoff NW, Fort Walton Beach FL 32548


workhsop 3 hours and lecture 45 min.

The Danger of the Old and long Established Lies of "Violence"
Claude AnShin Thomas holds the self-evident truth that war and violence in its many forms is not result of human nature but " the collective expression of our individual suffering", and that information in and of itself is not be confused with wisdom.
"What I have always known and more recently comte to understand more clearly is that when dealing with a topic so toxic, so intoxicating as violence, the violence of war and anit-war, I am also dealing with people's allegiance to " an old and terrible lie". The one that states that only one side, that only one angle of vision is true, is rightenous, and is morally correct. I have known for some time that these different story lines have had to be created to maks a inability to live in conflict - the conflict of our own insignifiacne and the thinking that we are not."
During the workshop Claude AnShin Thomas will teach different tools of meditation nad minfulness practice in order to aid participants in the process of discovering the power and wisdom to live differently and through that to move away from the downward spirla of self-destruction to an awakended life of nonviolence and service.


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