Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Galsan Tschinag, Galsan Tschinag is my name. I am the chief of the 4000 people of the Tuwa tribe in Mongolia. I am as well a trained student in schamanic poetry and healing art. Finally I am a gratuated Germanist and well know journalist, poet and writer - and author of 30 books. I recieved many awards and prizes.

Ulan-Bator, Psf. 711, Mongolei


lecture 45 min and workshop 1 1/2 hours

Only together The Old and The New can exist - We and You keep walking
I never considered the healer, nor the writer inside myself,as just belonging to myself being a single indiviudal person.But from beginning on, I considered myself as a representative, as a voice and the ownership of the nomadism, meaning to possesed by a big, although in the outer world not very well know, collecitve. And yet I could add to this being a representative of that collecitve, an education and experiences from nowadays. So will be, what I shall present at this conference, again a piece of the common heritage of the Old and the New times as well as between East and West.
Born and raised in the "OLD TIMES", in the very deep East of the nomadic Asia, and later on confronted with the
" NOWADAYS TIME" and gained education in the West, I represent with my personality and abilities a brigde between past and presence and between East and West. However my person, consisting out of a healer, chief and poet, continuously trying to achieve completeness, my doing nevertheless does not allow any kind of seperation. In any attidute so ever I present myself, all my parts support me, regardless in which content I have to act. Due to such a inner conviction, I always show myself as ful human, consisting out of sums of the digits, out of body, mind and soul. Within that I feel the reason, which helps me to easily reach out as a subject to the object I am dealing with.Therefore I be able to easily influence all and each to what I put my attentiveness on - for example, as the leader of my small people or as a healerto the patient or as a writer to the reader.I also feel the main feature which I consider distinguishes me from others, is that I have no special expectations on life: I do not want to be the richest one, nor the strongest one, nor the purest one, also the not most beautiful or successful one and also I do not insist that everybody may love me, that not body makes mistakes, that everybody is polite and healthy and that any inconsistency has to be out of my way. I even more consider coldness, drought, shortage, poverty, stupidy, jealousy, illness and death as natural parts of life. And therefore I can stand much better the world and human kind as it is and is expands my room for manoeuvre.


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