Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Dr. Merle Friedman, She is a clincal psychologis based in Johannesburg South Africa.She was co-founder of the ISTSS,AfSTSS. And she was co-founder of the South African Institute for Traumatic Stress.Until 2004 she had the co-chair of the International Strucutre&Affiliation Commitee. Dr. Friedman's primary interest is in aspects of reconciliation and dialogue in post apartheid South Africa as well as in the possibilities amongs victims and perpetrators. In this regard she belonged to the TRT group of Dan Bar On.

Süd Afrika


panelworkshop 3 hours, together with Samson Munn

Identity and Experiencing the Other: Growth and Transformation
Dr. Friedman will contribute in the 3 hour panel workshop , together with Samson Munn, Fatma Quassem, Julia Chaitin, Björn Krondofer.
She will presenting her TRT experience and her work regarding reconciliation and healing in South Africa, including traumatic stress and resilence


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