Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Gabrielle St. Clair, Gabrielle St. Clair, M.A. in Fine Arts, Education and Pedagogics, Body Psychotherapist (EABP) Trainings in Biodnyamic Psychology ( Gerda Boysen), Unitive Psychology (Jay Stattman), Transpersonal Studies (Richard Moss), Quantum Psychology ( Stephen Wolinsky) Along with her partner Michael Plesse she develpoed Orgodynamics (r), a transpersonal method of body psychotherapy, and Essencia(R). She is working as a workshop leader and trainer in Europe.

Orgoville International, Büro: Veitsberg 67, 97618 Hohenroth, Tel: 09771-630184 Email: , Deutschland


workhsop 3 hours

Eros, Presence of Being and Flow
When the present moment is infused with the energy of eros, awareness, presence of being and joy arise and our consciousness expands. In this workshop we activate our intutive explorative capacity to free eros from heretofore unexamined and untested limitations. A concise inquiry structure helps us to recognize personal and collective beliefs that limit our erotic presence of being. If we then delve into the space of relatedness, the energy of floe ( a fluid awareness of the ever moving life energy) can start to function and a total sensual awareness of the present moment can open up.
A short introduction, a concise inquiry structure, a flow ritual and meditation come together to give you the taste of how is is to experience sensual aliveness and serene stillness at the same time.


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