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Lecture 50 min. hour Co-facilitator Ken Sloan (1946), Management Consultant (MIT).

David Bohm’s Dialogue Process: An Approach to Communication that Brings us Together
“It is clear that if we are to live in harmony with ourselves and with nature, we need to be able to communicate freely in a creative movement in which no one permanently holds to or otherwise defends his own ideas. Why then is it so difficult to bring about such communication?” David Bohm, from whom this quote is taken, developed an approach which he named “Dialogue“. In the theory and practice of Dialogue, conflicts arise due to unconscious foundation assumptions that together form opposing sides of one or more paradoxes.

In the team-oriented nature constellation work developed and practiced by the Sixth-sense-in-service group the shift from fragmented to participative thinking that Bohm describes as the core benefit of Dialogue occurs when the underlying paradox-building foundation assumptions of the participants have been recognized and honoured. Our experience is that this state is more easily reached when representatives are used, when hierarchy drops away, and when the work is done in a natural setting which appears to support shared consciousness.
Inspired by Bohm’s discoveries, we believe that there is great potential for Dialogue work to learn some things from constellation work as well as great potential for constellation work to benefit from the theory and methods of Dialogue.
In working with conflicts there can be no real solution when the foundation assumptions of one or another participant are ignored, denied, or repressed. It is the other way around: when we are able to uncover and express the paradoxical foundation assumptions, then to hold them together in a shared consciousness with “the suspension of disbelief”, we may find new solutions beyond the realm of rational thinking and beyond the limits of what we had taken for previously possible.


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