Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Johannes B. Schmidt, Johannes Benedikt Schmidt, aster of Psychology, constellation work, traumahealing. Founder of te Aptitude-Academy A European integrative network for the development of contemporarily required skills, author of "Inner Navigation" - Traumahealing and Constellation Process Work as Navigational Tools for the Evolution of Your True Self, International workshop presenter

Vijverlaan 34, NL-1851 ZW Heiloo, The Netherlands


workhsop 3 hours

Beyond the Collective
Spirituality is formless, unifying force at work. That is beyond the particulars of a specific religion or political worldview. It is the essence of our spiritual being nature. We get "in"-"formed" by this force if we hold a scared space. The sacred needs to be stable and safe enough to hold wounding and pain and trans-form what longs for origin-al wholeness. Teh sacred space affects everybody present and thus is by its very nature a political space (polis=city,citizen, that which affects everybody). We need to acknowledge that deepest change can not be "done". Whatever we intentionally do may emerge from our inner existing structure that created the conflict. However,spiritual force can be re-conceived every moment. It is like a carrier-wave of trans-form-ational healing and love. Within the communal holding of these forces the personal becomes political and the political a collective re-conceiving of what is beyong the collective. Within an integrative framework of meditation, constellations, mindfulness and co-"gnosis" ( more than mind knowledge) we want to move towards a communal experience of the trans-collective potential.
This workshop seeks to connect the collective with the spiritual filed. The spiritual wants to "in"-"form". The workshop in-forms and trans-forms.


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