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until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Dr. Hedwig Raskob, Dr. Hedwig Raskob, Cath. Theology ( USA and Tübingen), Psychotherapy. Logotherapy and Existential Analysis. Integration of various depth psychological approaches. More than 20 years of psychotherpeutic praxis. Developing models of communication- and conflict resolution in difficult situations. Mayn years of practical peace work as well as research in the area of the origin of war and war culture. Systemic political constellation work, primarily within the frame of the Israel-Palestine-conflict.
Co-facilitator in this workshop is Ms. Ruth Krazel

Hauptstr. 6c, 14476 Marquardt bei Postdam, phone 0049-(0) 33 208 - 2222 8Email:


workhsop 3 hours

Dynamics of Conflict Positions regarding the Israel-Palestine-Conflict - political constellation work
Constellation work as such reveals ontological or cosmic intelligence. this type of work thoughtfully respects the cosmic intelligence, knowing it will throw light on the hidden "agenda" behind the surface and it will help to heal traumatized realities and relationships. Disorder, long standing disharmony, force and violence, mentally or in (political) reality, be it within or between groups, do nopt comply with the primodrial order of reality. The historic reasons for the very deep and apparently insoluble conflicts, esp. between Israel and Palestine, as dealt with here, on the background of the German-Jewish and world history, are complex and involve a multitude of layers. In an, hopefully, respectful-loving attitude of careand thoughtfullness toward the reality and persons at hand and toward the cosmis order behind all phenomena - being the intelligent order of love - changes will occur in the actual constellation and in the attitude of all concerned. The power and also the lightness and play- and cheerfullness of love can have its chance. Reconciliation and the willingness to live with each other in a productine manner can come of it, even if only in the small area defined. The sturdiness and complexity of teh entire Israel-Palestine field is so immense that the transformation in a small particular
area, although minimally radiating into the larger field, will not really be observable there. If a great amount of work of this type were done in many of the fields of tranformational effects would become real and observable in the larger field.
The workshop intends to pick in consensus with the participant group, a particular concrete topic from the Israel-Palestine field and labour with it according to wajt I calll " The Dynamic of Conflict Postions". The area we pick should rather be from one side of the conflicting parties, i.e. either from within the Israeli ofr from within the Palestinian society
( e.g. peace movement vs. government politics) For, according to my experience, the confrontation of the whole, or even of very large aspects of the both sides, is as yet a chunk almost too big "to be chewed well"


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