Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Wim A. Minaard

Valkenhorst 53, NL-2317 CN Leiden, phone: 0031-651826730 Email:


workshop 2 hours together with Tineke Brakel

Systemic Topicalties. The Connection of "We-Power" to the Collective Field. Topical social-political issues explored with a systemic constellation.
Is ist possible for a group to "recieve" Collective Wisdom for diagnoses and insights on a mutual question? In Systemic Constellations we are used to work with a specific question of only one of the participants. In this workshop however we explore an actual political-social theme as an entire group with a constellation, for which the basis is found not in the individual question but in the intention of the group as a whole. This raises the question: Is the information in the collective field , like in an individual constellation , also available then? We connect in doing so, the I-You-Them- of the eintire group to a "WE" in order to find the topic and in order to experience how close respectivley how far the boundaries of the Collective Field might be. Moreover we can sense the deep connection with our place in society.


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