Room-contingent at the
Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Wolfgang-Uddhar Könighaus, Teacher for inner growth, meditation teacher and family therapist. Headmaster of the School For Systemic Constellation Work and Inner Growth at the OSHO UTA academy in Cologne. Since 25 years student of the indian mystic Osho and next to him he got inspired in particular by the TAO and the Gurdjeff-System.

Amselweg 24, 46446 Emmerich am Rhein, phone: 0049- (0)2822-2568, Email:


workshop 3 hours

Children of the World - Intercultural Systemic Work
In many ways constellation work shows us the constrictions in our lives and how it can be can work out with different ways. But in relation to that, we need to see upon a different way of understanding and movements towards those who carry two or more cultures and are bounded to two or more collective fields.
The usual way to use family constellations and the collective fields, which often lead to reconciliation, can create on the other hand situations of more tension and unresolved moments. Intercultural destinies - for those who immigrated, emigarted (political) refugees from countries which do not exist anymore (stateless) or people who are adopted or with parents from different or bi-cultural backgroud - will not find easily a way to resolve "their" lives towards reconciliation by using classical Family Constellations. Even the opposite might appear. Familiy Constellations wise it needs another perspective of understanding in the field of interculturality. The need is there, to review the basics of classical Family Constellation from another angle. The energy of this field carries basically another pattern than we would assume from the classical approach of FC. Through Intercultural Systemic Constellation Work (IcSW) we experienced the importance of learning to udnerstand deeper levels and leayers of development and human history, in order to find our where the field resonance is attached to. While Family Constellation always considers the original love in the parents-child relationship, the origins and dynamics of the collective fields of human kind are not build on the same values. It is seen that such "fields" are often found on violence, injustice, oppression and exploitation. Collective human fields of that
kind, divide our planet into nations, organized religious - and cultural communities oder in gender fields.
Intercultural Systemic Constellation intend to understand and to learn more about the dynamics and impact in such "human fields" in order to deminish its negative power on the affected persons,and help them to find back to their orignial source of inner love and wisdom. The challenge lies in the rebellious character of these dynamics.
IcSW has it's orientation towards the cosmic order, expressed in the natural rule of "one" which says that lla is connected with everything and to all and is One. And also in the rule of the "three" which says that in the process of creation all falls apart in "three". Taking into consideration these ruies will help us not to look only from the dualistic point of view at bi-culturality, but consider as well the "third" which is the own individula existence.
With these kind of connections we shall work in this workshop, by including the indiviudal expericenses and the method of constellations.


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