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Conference Hotel Maritim
until March, 31 2008

Invited Presenters among other:

Claude Rosselet, Since 1994 consultant for executives, proect teams and boards of directors. Facilitator for innovation and change processes; lecturer at various universities and institutions such as the "Hochschule für Wirtschaft der Fachhochschule der Nordschweiz", member of the editorial staff of the magazine "Praxis der Systemaufstellungen"; co-founder and member of the board on the "International Forum of Systemic Constellation Work in Organisations and in the context of Work" (infosyon) e.V." web-site:

Alte Landstrasse 161 B, CH-8708 Männedorf, phone: 0041-144 920 60 10 Email:


workshop 1 1/2 hours

Systemic Constellations help to decide undecidable problems
workshop together with Georg Senoner and Henriette Lingg
The common attitude towards risk - both in politics and business - leads to safeguarding strategies based on assured knowledge. Btu all knowledge, especially the kind which is stored in our brain, is subject to challenge. This is the source for ambivalence and makes it so difficult and sometimes impossible to take decisions. Using Collective Intelligence - i.e. the knowledge which resides in the realtions between individuals could bring up a solution.
Teh workshop gives an overview of the format of Management Constellations - i.e. the work with Systemic Constellations with management teams on their shared issues. It shows how so called undecidabel problems can be addressed and resolved.


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